Ayuda técnica y dudas: Everybody picking the Chiefs over the 49ers in Week 3
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Ayuda técnica y dudas: Everybody picking the Chiefs over the 49ers in Week 3: Foros

Villaturiel :: Ver tema - Everybody picking the Chiefs over the 49ers in Week 3

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The San Francisco 49ers are entering Week 3 a 6.5-point underdog against the Kansas City Chiefs www.49ersauthorizedshops.com , and the public consensus is very much for Patrick Mahomes and the red-hot Chiefs.Sportsbook operators offer up details on who the public is betting on in each matchup. Our friends at OddsShark track this information for an assortment of online bookmakers. As of close of business Thursday night, 60 percent of money was on the Chiefs. Meanwhile, the folks at William Hill have operate over 100 sportsbooks. In their assessment as of Thursday evening, 88 percent of tickets bet on this game were for the Chiefs, and 87 percent of money bet on this game was for the Chiefs. This is the most popular game in terms of money wagered, and second most popular in terms of number of bets placed.This is not exactly shocking news. The Chiefs offense is on fire, and is showing no signs of slowing down. This week, they face a 49ers defense that has been shaky through the first two weeks. DeForest Buckner, Fred Warner San Francisco 49ers Womens T-Shirt , and Richard Sherman are among the standouts, but there has been too much inconsistency at all three levels of the defense. The Chiefs defense is a disaster right now, but they are simply able to win shootouts thus far.Each week, we have our FanPulse survey, and it includes a vote on the point spread. We provide the spread and ask voters whether they think the 49ers will win or lose and by how much. You’re welcome to join in our weekly polling — sign up HERE to join FanPulse.This week, 49ers fans on averaged voted that the team would lose to the Chiefs by 6 points. By comparison, Chiefs fans averaged out that they would win the game by 12 points. Both sides projected a win for the Chiefs, but 49ers fans projected San Francisco to cover the spread.My vote was for the 49ers losing by 13 points. The defense looked decent enough against Kirk Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings, but Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are a whole different beast. They bring speed that I don’t know if any defense will be able to consistently match up this year.Do you think the 49ers win or lose San Francisco 49ers Hats , and by how much? The San Francisco 49ers dropped to 1-7 with their loss to the Arizona Cardinals, and the snap count revealed some interesting decisions in Week 8. You can view the full snap count below, or check out the gamebook PDF.The 49ers did not get too crazy with the wide receivers on Sunday. Kendrick Bourne started opposite Marquise Goodwin, and they primarily played with two receivers. While Goodwin (61 snaps, 92%) and Bourne (54 snaps, 82%) played most of the game, Trent Taylor was the next receiver up, with 19 total snaps (29%). Dante Pettis returned to action from his knee injury and played seven snaps, while Victor Bolden played five snaps.Instead of going with extra receivers San Francisco 49ers Womens Hoodie , the 49ers used two running backs fairly extensively. Kyle Juszczyk led the way with 47 snaps, followed by Matt Breida (31), Raheem Mostert (12), and Alfred Morris (11). Juszczyk has become a key cog in this offense, both as a blocking fullback and as the third down back.On defense, the secondary was fairly consistent, except for multiple injuries to the strong safety position. Jimmie Ward started at free safety and played all 66 snaps. Jaquiski Tartt started at strong safety, but a shoulder injury removed him after 25 snaps. Antone Exum replaced him and played 20 snaps, but then a concussion removed him from the game. Tyvis Powell closed out the game at strong safety Womens Customized San Francisco 49ers Jerseys , playing 21 snaps.That strong safety position will be something to watch this week against the Oakland Raiders. The 49ers are playing on a short week, which means three days of recuperation and practice before Thursday’s game. The extent of Tartt’s shoulder injury is unknown for the time being, and Exum’s concussion means he has to go through the protocol. If the 49ers are without Tartt and Exum, Powell would get the start. The team also could welcome Marcell Harris back off the NFI list this week. That will be a position to watch.49ers snap count vs. Cardinals, Week 8PlayerOffenseDefenseSTPlayerOffenseDefenseST
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